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Time Leap


Throughout this series, I would like to bring the audience to visit different periods of time; present, past, and future time from the same point on the side of the magnificent Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal. I visited there at the end of November 2019 when people started to feel the winter breeze. It was nice weather that day, the sky was blue and I found this spot while walking around admiring the basilica.


The Past


The Notre-Dame Basilica is located in Old Montreal, it is a historic district with highly aesthetic architecture dating to the 17th-century era. Hence, I reenact the historical ambiance (although it’s not as old as the 17th century) in the second photo through the colour, texture, and detail such as vintage cars. The past is indeed a treasure to cherish. 

The Future


Nobody knows what would happen in the future, and anything could happen. I imagine there would be a mysterious attack from outer space at night. Fog covers from afar, unknown turquoise lights are lit inside the basilica and around the street as comet-like objects raining down from the sky. Or perhaps, some of them have arrived.


What could happen when mysterious creatures attack the earth? The last photo depicts how frightening the aftermath has been. We never know who is behind all the attacks, but there are crystals growing up from below the ground and destroying the surroundings. Shall we go back to the present then?

The Present

I merely adjusted the lighting slightly for the first photo to bring out the details of the architecture, it is exactly the same tranquility that I felt and I want people to experience it as well. The present time is not always good, but definitely, the best one to be.

All photo manipulation is done in Adobe Photoshop CC.

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