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Meet My Culture

April 22, 2022

My take for #MeetMyCulture22 ! The first prompt is a national costume. This is also a tribute to @npmalina ‘s #ProjectPuan ,100 portraits of Indonesian women. It’s an incredible project that aims to break the stereotypes and stigmas among women. I always admire her photography✨

Speaking of national costume, I believe it’s supposed to be kebaya. But, there are 34 provinces in Indonesia carry their beautiful traditional clothing worth knowing as well.

Bali always has a special place in my heart (I miss Ubud badly!), although I was born and grew up in Jakarta. This stylized Balinese look radiates the charm of Bali well 💙

Besides, the message shared by the model is a kind reminder for all of us (women) to see and value our inner beauty.

Photo: @projectpuanid

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