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Celestial Journey

November 2020

As a result of the uncertain period we had since last year, this illustration invites us to remain hopeful. The combination of earth and outer space elements in vibrant colors calls us to join the journey.


Inspired by the fact that in 1991, moonfish jellyfish traveled into outer space on the Space Shuttle Columbia for a scientific purpose. Although it’s not the same species of jellyfish here, the concept is to bring out a surreal ambient in which I combined sea creatures and outer space.


I didn’t expect to find out that jellyfish symbolize energetic flow, allowing yourself to shine from the inside out. I think it’s a good message to keep throughout this year.
I hope you would enjoy a celestial trip by train here. Where will it go? It’s up to your imagination where the next destination is.


Let ourselves go to the 'unknown' destination, where we allow ourselves to have wild imaginations, to shine in the darkness.

Celestial Journey
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